Study Video for Captains in YouTube You can click here to watch the Study Video for Captains in Youtube   Start in B+ with Right foot behind   Sauté arabesque going to Side 8   Sauté with Right leg in Retiré   Two Clockwise Chaînés   Step to Right and Bow with Left leg behind   Sauté arabesque going other way to Side 6   Sauté with Left leg in Retiré   Two Counter-Clockwise Chaînés   Tendu Right leg front Croisé   Left arm up twist wrists Counter-Clockwise   Piqué to Right then Soutenu 3/4 Turn to Wall 6   Lift Right leg to Retiré   Tendu Right leg back   Arms in Third   Arabesque the Right leg à terre   Lift Right leg Arabesque en l'air   Little hop Failli the Right leg through to Corner 2   Left leg follows going around to the Right   (like a Rond de Jamb) back to Corner 1   Step on Right out to Wall 8   Step back on Left (now in lunge 4th facing Corner 2)   Right arm to Right side, Snap to waist;   Left arm to Left side, Snap to waist   Walk and spread out toward Wall 6.   1/2 of Group Sit; 1/2 Stand.   Pas de chat going Right to Side 8   Demi-plié and up to Sous-sus   Repeat Pas de chat, Demi-Plie, and Sous-sus   Balancé run around partner who is on the floor   Chasse forward to Third Arabesque, Turn to Wall 6,   Run off arms in Demi-Seconde and Leap to Exit.   (In the video Dancers exit with Tour Jetés)   Second Group stands and repeats this section. Two Tin Girls Videos      Dorothy Gale is carried away to a magical land where she gets to sing E.Y. Harburg and Harold Arlen's 1939 Oscar awarding Best Song, "Over The Rainbow", and where she discovers "there is no place like home". We too are in a magical land, on a magical island. And on our Dance Island, Oahu, there is no place a like a home in paradise.      There are two parts in this practice video for Ballet 2-3 students choreographed by our island girl, Dance Island Director, Ms. Laura. The video is from "Themes from the Wizard of Oz" which is based on the 1939 MGM film, "The Wizard of Oz" starring Judy Garland as Dorothy, Frank Morgan as The Wizard of Oz (and four other parts), Ray Bolger as 'Hunk' and the Scarecrow, Bert Lahr as 'Zeke' and the Cowardly Lion, Jack Haley as 'Hickory' and the Tin Man, Billie Burke as Glinda (later to be Galinda~ with an A~ in the Musical "Wicked"), and the wonderful Margaret Hamilton as 'Miss Gulch' and the Wicked Witch of the West. Click here to watch Part One of our Tin Girls in Youtube or click on the arrow below to watch Part One of the video here. Click here to watch Part Two in Youtube or click on the arrow below to watch Part Two. Alice Practice Video Click on this link to watch the Alice Video on YouTube or click on the arrow below to watch it here.      Please take a look at this video of the June second performance of Alice so that we can work on it in class on Friday and Saturday. Just watching the video a couple times will really make a difference in class.      Our Saturday Student Choreography Workshops have given our dancers time to explore and experiment with a new and ever expanding movement vocabulary. Below is a documentary video of the glorious talent and excellence to which we constantly aspire.      Take a look and adapt, appropriate, copy, and learn from watching ballet dancers who are working toward being the best they can possibly be. Note the strength in their port de bra, their use of levels, their flexibility, and their unrelenting infusion of energy. (and don't be shy in hitting the stop button while watching the video~ what was that...? did they really...? how did they...? )      Our video here is an edited version of a documentary entitled “Getting into Cirque Du Soleil Audition Documentary”. This edited version, with an added excerpt from a Las Vegas television station newscast, focuses on ballet and Cirque du Soleil.      We have posted this video so that our ballet students can get a brief glimpse of the rarified heights to which ballet dancers can now ascend. The video has a short introduction screen. The video starts after it. Click here to watch the video on YouTube or click on the arrow in the video below to watch it here in our Dance Island web site. (You can maximize the video by double clicking in it.)      The full length video can be viewed on YouTube at this YouTube address or or on 16 x 9’s YouTube channel at~ the 16 x 9 Home Page Urban Ballet Video The Summer Intensive Ballet Program has not yet filmed its Urban Ballet. The video below is a compilation of two Urban Ballets~ one from the New York City Ballet and one from the Nevada Ballet. These are great examples of how imagination, innovation, and creativity has been used to explore this unique art form. Take a look and learn from others who are pushing back the boundaries of classical ballet. Click on this link for Urban Ballets from NYC Ballet and Nevada Ballet or double click on the arrow in the video below to watch the video here.