We will post the other 3 movements along with text outlining the choreography.  For now, here is the first movement. This video is from a time before digital recording, so the quality is not what we would want, but we still wanted to share this glimpse of the past.  Our dancers have moved on. Some have toured; some have their own dance studios; and all can take delight in the time they shared so many years ago.  Click on the arrow below to watch the video here or
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdJA93sTAoc&feature=youtu.be Click on this link to watch the First Movement on YouTube. Click here to watch the Second Movement with William Walton's Music on YouTube or click on the video below.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDq10oleZOQ William Walton was asked to write the music to accompany the 1944 Olivier film of Shakespeare's Henry V. The two pieces, scored for strings only, were included in both the Concert Suites put together by Sir Malcom Sargent and Muir Mathieson. The pieces have, though, achieved stature of their own as a pair of delicate string works. The first is a Passacaglia and represents Falstaff's death. Here, we are using the second of the two pieces entitled "Touch her soft lips and part". This piece accompanies the scene where the soldiers are departing for the fight in France and bidding farewell to their wives and mothers.