So, you have been taking your ballet and jazz dance classes.      You have been studying, improvising, singing, dancing, doing      scene studies, and performing in your Musical Theatre class,      and now you hear about an open audition where you must       prepare 16-24 measures of a traditional style Broadway song      that compliments your range and vocal ability. It also says,      of course, that you will be asked to dance.  Some auditions      separate dancers and singers. More and more, however, that      is usually not the case, especially in community and high      school theatre productions.  So. what do you do next?      Well, here is an example using music from the Broadway      show, "Wicked". 1. You might look in YouTube for a video you like.      Here is our  "Defying Gravity" study video that goes      with the sheet music below. Click here to watch it in YouTube. 2. You then get the music. Here is our "Defying Gravity"      sheet music edited down to 18 measures.

You can click on the link below to view a PDF file of this sheet music

Defying Gravity- Abridged Sheet Music 3. Next, down load the music and put it on a CD. a. There are many places to find music.      From to CDs you purchase, there are many places      to start finding instrumental music. When you have the music in      a digital format, you should then transpose it into your vocal-      key-range. There are many inexpensive Pitch Shifting computer      programs on-line. Unlike other musical instruments, it is not      possible to "retune" a human voice. Shifting the pitch of the      recorded music allows vocalists to sing songs that would other-      wise be out of their normal range.  These programs are also      capable of changing the tempo (the speed) of recorded music      and even inserting breaks.  In our  "Defying Gravity" example,      we used two low-end programs to make these changes.        We edited and put in a break with Roxio.  We then  changed      the key with GoldWave. b. Put your music on a CD.      Here are three music files that could be put on a CD.      The first two are larger WAV and may take some time to load.      First for practice.      Defying Gravity- Practice File      Then for performance.      Abridged-FinalMix      And if you wanted a minute and a half for dance....      DanceVersionOfDefying-MP3-Mix      4. Next, PRACTICE with all these resources.           An old joke has become part of the folklore of Carnegie Hall.      A conductor was racing up New York’s 7th Avenue to a rehearsal,      when a stranger stopped him. “Pardon me, sir,” said the stranger,      “can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?” Instead of saying      “Yes, it's just up the street, 881 7th Avenue.” the conductor      said, “Practice. Practice. Practice!”  Well, there is truth in that.      In the performing arts, in ballet and dance, in music and theatre,      and in Musical Theatre that combines so many of the arts,      you get there by Practice, Practice, Practice.  So, continue your      ballet and dance classes to increase your stage movement      vocabulary.  Observe and pay attention in Musical Theatre class.      Delight in the arts and in your own unique artistic abilities and      your own ever-increasing creativity.  And PRACTICE. 5. Finally, go to the audition and take care of basics.      a. Of course, have a good breakfast and get there early.      b. Dress in clothes that allow you to move.  No Keds-type           tennis shoes.  Wear dance shoes or jazz shoes.      c. Bring water and keep yourself hydrated.      d. Warm-up and stretch before the dance part of the audition.           DO NOT bring food.  Do not eat at the audition.  NO gum!      e. Take it seriously. The folks running the audition are working.           Do not waste their time.  Have your music ready, and if you           are using a CD, your song should be the first one on the disc.      f. Keep quiet while waiting.  Of course, you and your parents           should turn off your cell phones.        g. Watch and observe everything.  If your parents brought           your little brother or sister, ask them to take them to wait           outside with the little ones.   If your parents need to sort           their mail, check their phone messages, or work on their            laptops, ask them to also do that outside.       h. If you falter or cannot do something or mess up or do some-           thing wrong, DO NOT GIGGLE or LAUGH!!!           Observe.  Listen. Learn from the experience.      i. Thank the folks running the audition for their time.