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These top two videos are for our November 28th show The video below is for page 451 in the Musical Theatre class outline. It will also be used for the Fall Accelerated Program.   The lyrics will be distributed to the Ballet 2-3 dancers.   Just click on the arrow in the lower left corner of the embedded video to watch. Once-Upon-A-November from Dance Island on Vimeo. ______________________________________________________________________________ CarmenBicondova-Boogie Here are some moves for our Boogie Woogie choreography from local girl Camren Bicondova. Formerly of 8 Flavahz, she now plays Selina Kyle, the young Cat Woman of Gotham. 8 Flavahz, with dancers from L. A. and here in Hawaii, was on MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew.” Now 16, Ms. Bicondova "represents the next wave of Hollywood savvy and talent" (Variety~ Youth Impact Report). Watch the video below to get ideas for your Boogie Woogie improv. Moves for Boogie Woogie from Saint Wayne on Vimeo. ...or you can go to the video directly in Vimeo with this link~ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Below, when you click on the individual underlined links for the MP3 files below the graphic, the screen will be blank while the music plays. These files at the top of this page are just MP3 audio files. As you scroll down this "Musical Theatre Files" page, the files are videos. ______________________________________________________________________________ NoVideos2 ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 92~ They Live In You TheyLive-Grapic Page_092_Samuel_E_Wright_They_Live_In_You ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 95~ Hakuna Matata HakunaMatata Page_095_Hakuna_Matata ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 96~ It's Oh So Quiet ItsOhSoQuiet2 Page_096_Its_Oh_So_Quiet ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 97~ We Are The Champions Triumph2 Page_097_We_Are_The_Champions ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 98~ Sutton Foster Choreography SuttonFoster2 Page_098_Sutton_Foster_Choreography ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 99 Front~ I Won't Dance with Sinatra and Basie IWontDance Page_099_Front_I_Wont_Dance ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 99 Back~ Istanbul, Not Constantinople Istanbul Page_099_Back_Istanbul ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 101~ If They Could See Me Now SweetCharity Page_101_If_They_Could_See_Me_Now ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 102 Front~ 12 Bar Slow Blues in A Backing Track ImAMiracle Page_102_I_Am_A_Miracle ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 102 Back~ B.B. King "The Trill Is Gone"  for Miracle BBKing- Page_102_Back_B_B_King_Miracle ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 103~ Camelot Quatrains Backing Track CestMoi2 Page_103_Cest_Moi_Backing_Track ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 104~ A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square ANightingale-Sang Page_104_A_Nightingale_Sang ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 106~ We Dance WeDance2 Page_106_We_Dance ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 107~ One Small Girl 107-OneSmallGirl Page_107_One_Small_Girl ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 108~ That's What Some Say 108-ThatsWhatSomeSay Page_108_Thats_What_Some_Say ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 109~ I Am An Island Child AnIslandChild Page_109_I_Am_an_Island_Child ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 111~ Fiddler On the Roof Violin Fiddler Page_111_112_Fiddler_Violin ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 111~ Fiddler On the Roof Instrumental FiddlerBottleDance-Instrumental Page_111_112_Fiddler_Instrumental ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 114~ The Human Heart TheHumanHeart Page_114_The_Human_Heart_Vocal ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 115~ Quiet end section QuietEnd Page_115_Quiet_End ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 116~ Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile NeverFullyDressedMicky Page_116_Never_Fully_Dressed_Micky_Dolenz ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 118~ I Can't Stop Singing TeenBeachMovie Page_118_I_Cant_Stop_Singing ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 119~ 2012 Tony Awards Opening Number with Neil Patrick Harris 2012TonyAwardsOpening Page_119_Tony_Awards_2012_Opening ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 121~ From the Musical "Wicked", For Good: Vocal ForGoodVocal Page_121_For_Good_Vocal ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 121~ From the Musical "Wicked", For Good: Piano ForGoodPiano Page_121_For_Good_Piano ______________________________________________________________________________ ContinueToAdd2 ______________________________________________________________________________ MamboSmaller Salsa-Mambo1-MP3 ______________________________________________________________________________ maryPoppinsDancer Step_In_Time ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 124~ Rainbow Connection Tracks RainbowConnection Page_124_Rainbow_Connection_Kermie ______________________________________________________________________________ Pages 125-126~ Les Sans Video, Spoken, and at 5 Speeds: Click on the audio files to play them. As with all the audio files, the screen will not have a video. The first file, however, is a video. You can click on the "play" button in the video or click on the link under the video to watch. LesSans-Spoken Les-Sans-Spoken LesSans-Percent-60 LesSans-at-60-Percent LesSans-Percent-70 LesSans-at-70-Percent LesSans-Percent-80 LesSans-at-80-Percent LesSans-Percent-90 LesSans-at-90-Percent LesSans-FullSpeed LesSans-at-Full-Speed-with-Intro ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 128~ Where Are You, Aloha?. As with the other audio files, the screen will not have a video. Aloha WhereAreYouAloha ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 130~ I Will Not Let Go. As with most of the other audio files, the screen will not have a video. IWillNotLetGo4DI I_Will_Not_Let_Go ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 132~ Once More I Can See from Wonderland. There are two MP3 files~ 1) Vocal and 2) Piano Wonderland-OnceMore OnceMoreICanSee-Vocal OnceMore-I-CanSee-Piano ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Page 132~ Home is also from Wonderland, and there are also two MP3s for this song~ 1) The Vocal and 2) the instrumental version. Wonderland-Home Home-Vocal-Mix Home-Instrumental-Mix ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ The Wizard of Oz Vocals from The Palladium- 1) Page 133~ Three Munchkin Songs and 2) Page 134~ Over the Rainbow. WizardOfOz-Munchkins Munchkins_from_The Palladium WizardOfOz Over_The_Rainbow_from_The Palladium ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Eatnamen Vuelie, Pages 188 and 191 EatnamenVuelieGraphic All of the pages below have VIDEO files We are using these videos in Musical Theatre in the same way we use Ka Pule A Ka Haku, the Zulu words in opening the verse of Lion King’s “Circle of Life”, and just like we use Scat Singing and singing in Cirquish, in French, and in Italian, and just like we use Improvs, Scene Studies, and more, to develop a basic skill of Musical Theatre, Verbal Fluency. “Eatnamen Vuelie” (Song of the Earth) at 60% Speed is at “Eatnamen Vuelie” (Song of the Earth) at 80% Speed is at “Eatnamen Vuelie” (Song of the Earth) at 100% Speed is at

Na na na hey yana; na hey yaha naha. Na hey-a hey-a na ya new wa hana hey you new wana. (3 more repetitions.) (After the 2nd repetition~ Ha ha ya.)

(After instrumental/piano break) Na na na hey yana; na hey yaha naha. Na hey-a hey-a na ya new wa hana hey you new wana. Ha ha ya.

Na na hey yana; ha hey yaha naha. Na hey-a hey-a na ya new wa. (Repeat once more)

Hana hey you new wana.

______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Thank You for the Music, Page 190 ThankYou ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

First of Two Kathak Videos and Music~ From May 27th's Workshop KathakGraphic


Second of Two Kathak Videos and Music~ From May 27th's Workshop Kathak-RobertBattle-5x3

Our video has a group and a solo performance of Robert Battle’s “Takademe”. Robert Battle has been the Director of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater since 2011. He choreographed “Takademe”, a humorous and high-flying dance to the tightly woven rhythms of Northern Indian Kathak dance. His crisp shapes and high flying jumps are in sync with the vocalized syllables of Sheila Chandra's percussive vocal score. “Takademe” was one of Battle’s first works. In the video he says that it reminds him of how far he has come from being a dancer with the Parsons Dance Company and choreographing in his very small apartment in Queens, New York. “Most dances have a lot to do with restrictions and problem-solving... One of the problems was that we didn’t have a lot of space, so the dance stays very stationary. But, then when we finally got studio space in Julliard, the movement traveled on a long diagonal. Freedom. I’m always reminded of that as a metaphor for where I am now with Ailey, where there is a remarkable amount of space.” Now his distinguished Alivn Ailey Dance company and critics embraced his work. He stands tall with brilliant solo choreographers and is now included in the pantheon of American Dance with Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn, George Balanchine, Martha Graham, (Mr. Wayne’s teacher) Agnes de Mille, Paul Taylor, Bob Fosse, Alvin Ailey, and Merce Cunningham. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Jonathan Winters / Robin Williams Improvisation Video~ Page 193 Comics nbsp: Jonathan Winters III (1925–2013) was an genius American comedian, actor, author, and artist. His forte was improvisation. His comedy albums received 11 nominations for Grammy Awards for Best Comedy Albums. He won a Grammy Award for Best Album for Children for his contribution to an adaptation of The Little Prince in 1975 and the Grammy for Best Spoken Comedy Album for Cranky Calls in 1996. His career spanned more than six decades. He appeared in hundreds of television show episodes/series. His final feature film was The Smurfs 2 in 2013, which is dedicated in his memory. In 1991, Winters earned an Emmy; in 1999, he was awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. In 2002, Winters earned an Emmy nomination as a guest star in a comedy series for “Life with Bonnie; in 2008, he was presented with a Pioneer TV Land Award by Robin Williams. His book of short stories, “Winters’ Tales” made bestseller lists. Jonathan Winters was a genius. Watch his posturing. Watch his face from brow and eye-brows to eyes, flaring nostrils, and mouth. His facile and inventive mind. his ease with himself and his family of invented characters, and his insights into the human condition all speak to his genius. We shall not see his equal again. 1. Now you try it. You are a Guru, an expert. You are important, special, and crazy... 2. Now you try it. You are a Sports Announcer that can talk about nothing and sound like an expert for 3 hours... 3. Now you try it. Become an animal. Be ridiculous and exaggerated, but act like you take yourself serious... 4. Now you try it. You are a Movie Director with your actor. You are tell her about emotions and love and explaining it by piling words on top of words... 5. Now you try it. You are a Reality TV Show Host. You believe you are covering important people, but they are not really important... ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Practice Video for "On the Pulse of Morning"~ Page 198 We will use the King's Speech on page 204 below for developings Verbal Fluency. In the same way, we are using an abridged abridged version of Maya Angelou's Inauguration Day reading of her poem, "On the Pulse of Morning" to continue to develop Verbal Fluency. The text that is below the video is also on page 198 of our workshop outline. Lift up your eyes upon this day breaking for you. Give birth again to the dream. Women, children, men, take it into the palms of your hands, mold it into the shape of your most private need. Sculpt it into the image of your most public self. Lift up your hearts. Each new hour holds new chances for new beginnings... The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change. Here, on the pulse of this fine day, you may have the courage to look up and out... Here on the pulse of this new day, you may have the grace to look up and out and into your sister’s eyes, and into your brother’s face, your country, and say simply, very simply with hope, “Good Morning!” ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Our Little Performance from June 17th "On the Pulse of Morning"~ Page 198 ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Practice Video for “The Creation” Performance Piece~ Page 202 Ashlyn3x5 The dance in this practice video is inspired by a performance piece on TEDxEast by Carmen DeLavallade, “The Creation: Plus 40”. In her performance, Ms. deLavallade recites James Weldon Johnson’s poem “The Creation” from God’s Trombones (1927) and then dances. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Video for "The Creation" Practice~ Pages 203 (front and back) TheCreationJW_Johnson Here is practice video for our recitation of James Weldon Johnson's 1927 poem, “The Creation”. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Video for "Rocky" Choreography Practice~ Rocky ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Video for “The King’s Speech” Practice~ Page 204 ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Student Performance from Page 204 This Verbal Fluency performance/exercise is after the climactic speech at the end of the award winning film, “The King’s Speech”. That film received many awards and nominations, particularly for Colin Firth’s performance as George VI. He won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. The film won seven British Academy Film Awards and four Academy Awards: Best Picture, Director, Actor, and Screenplay. The music for this Verbal Fluency performance is the same music as that used in the film, Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony, Movement Number Two. Our text starts and ends with King George VI’s words: “In this grave hour” and “May He bless and keep us all.” Our text is in five quatrains and matches the Second Movement’s music. King George’s powerful original words are available on the BBC website. Click on the words "King George VI" below the picture to get to the BBC website. KingGeorge Click here on King George VI to get to the BBC website. The King knew his country was on the side of right, and he gave them something to do “stand calm and firm and united in this time of trial”. In today’s broadcast environment of short sentences and trivial pursuits, a cadence that echoes the King James translation of the Lord’s Prayer is now out of place. The five quatrains for our adaptation of “The King’s Speech” are on page 204 of our workshop handouts. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Practice Video for “The King and I~ Page 205 and 206 "The King and I" was the fifth Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein musical. It premiered in March of 1951 and ran for nearly three years. Rodgers and Hammerstein's other musicals include Oklahoma!, Carousel, South Pacific, Cinderella, Flower Drum Song, and The Sound of Music. We are using adapted lyrics to practice "being a quick study" and to develop Musicality and Verbal Fluency. Our adapted lyrics are on pages 205 and 206 of our Musical Theatre Workshop handouts. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Pace, Emphasis, Diction, Tone, and Volume~ Page 207 PED-TV-5x3 Abraham Lincoln was known for his dynamic, powerful, and engaging oratory. Ford Theatre's education programs offer learners of all ages the opportunity to engage actively with this aspect of Lincoln’s leadership by developing their own public-speaking and performance skills. The five elements covered in this video made at Ford Theatre's education program are Pace, Emphasis, Diction, Tone, and Volume. They are called Podium Points and students remember them by their first letters~ PED-TV. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________