Due to recent events surrounding COVID-19, all Dance Island classes are being held online through Zoom until further notice. Our very reasonable monthly tuition is for unlimited ballet classes of varying levels, offered twice a week.

Why should you learn ballet?

Ballet is a dynamic, organic art form. It builds strength, develops body alignment, promotes resiliency, and develops grace, poise and character. Ballet is a structured system of body awareness and an activity that will promote health and well-being for a life-time.

Improved posture
Gracefulness & Rhythm
Increased flexibility

Our Classes

Our dance classes provide our students with opportunities to gain control of their bodies,
explore expression and creativity, and find delight in their own imaginings.
We offer 3 levels of ballet classes: Creative Movement (Pre-Ballet), Ballet I, and Ballet 2-3.

Creative Movement

Beginning level dance class for 3-6 year old children. Children explore and experiment with basic dance elements to find the joy and freedom of dance.

Ballet I

Introductory level ballet class for children ages 6-9. Students start to learn the basics of ballet technique, by learning barre and center combinations.

Ballet 2-3

Ballet class for ages 9 and up. A faster paced, beginner/ intermediate level class for those 9 and older, or ballet 1 students who show potential.