"At the Ballet."

. Where do we dance? . In moon-lit gardens, in smooth running streams, . in whispers and shadows, in innocent dreams, . in fragrance of flowers of blooming sweet scent, . in reality and fantasy; ever rising, no descent… . And everything is beautiful while we’re dancing. . Graceful girls twirl and swirl in white. . Yes, everything is beautiful while we’re moving. . Yes!  We are happy in our ballet. Work and stretch, some sweat, some strains; loving parents’ commitment still remains. We’re young is true, but we see it through because everyone is beautiful at the ballet. Every princess can become a swan. Yes, everyone is beautiful at the ballet, and we are lovely in our ballet. From Naughty Shoes to Painters and elves, we learn of dance, we learn about ourselves. Ballet One, then Two and Three; so much more that we can be. We dance around the widest room. Ballet dance with my arms like this. And some become a wood nymph or sprite of joyous beauty, a mother’s delight. Parents then call out to them, “Would you dance the dance that warms our hearts?” And we call back, “I would love to dance!” We fast mature, dance takes us far for one brief hour we become a star for everything is beautiful at the ballet. Yes everyone is beautiful at the ballet. We are pretty, lovely… We are graceful... “I would love to...” at...the...ballet. Loosely after lyrics of Chorus Line's "At the Ballet" by Edward Kleban