About Us

Our Philosophy

We enjoy being the recipient of the positive energy
that encouraged, young people are often willing to share.
Their energy helps us to grow as teachers.
We have been studying dance for many years,
yet, it continues to engage and stimulate.
It is what we love to do and it is the center of our creative lives.

Our Goals at Dance Island:

  • Take students through the natural progression of ballet’s structured curriculum and technique.
  • Learn and grow with our students by continually increasing our ability to meet individual student needs and refining our effectiveness.
  • Enable students to develop power and movement confidence.
  • Be flexible and sensitive to a variety of learning styles, skill levels, backgrounds, and different body types by developing strategies to adapt to each student, which helps them learn more effectively.
  • To communicate with students the “attitude of receptivity” and teach them that with the hard work required in ballet, they will be elevated to a new level of movement and increased skill in all their physical endeavors.
  • We are able to sense who students are, how they relate to people, and how they react to criticism and praise; through this, we can sense their degree of commitment to excellence.

Dance Island Curriculum

Here at Dance Island, we teach the Cecchetti method of ballet.
It is an Italian based method that trains dancers to develop essential skills, strength, and elasticity.

Through Dance Island’s classical ballet curriculum, students will learn:

  • French lexicon
  • artistic elements
  • technical proficiency
  • classical music

Ballet is the place where you learn the lines that make you look good no matter what style of dance becomes your forté. Ballet gives you a reference point from which you can decipher many styles of movement. Vice versa, learning other genres of dance such as hip hop, jazz, and contemporary can also aid students in their journey to becoming a better ballet dancer.